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Past Exhibitions


July, 2020

Blueprint for a party dress responds to my fetish for collecting fashion garments and memories of playing dress-up in my aunts and mothers debutante dresses from the 1950’s as a young child. 


November, 2017

CDU Master by Research candidate Matthew van Roden presents their latest body of work, I AM A TEXT

In this video, wax and print installation, van Roden explores the relationship of text and the body through through the lens of religious experience, queer embodiments and the materiality of wax, text and flesh.


August, 2019


Refugia is a transmedia exhibition that responds to the idea of Refugia, a biological state of being offering refuge in the face of modern climate change. Current Charles Darwin University Higher Degree by Research students and alumni will exhibit together responding to a shared awareness, both on an emotional and theoretical level, of the critical aspects of present times and the complexity of the world we live in.

Nadine Lee, Cheeky Shells, 2015. Photogr

August, 2015

Nadine Lee
Mavis Warrngilna Ganambarr
Margaret Gudumurrkuwuy
Margaret Dhorrpuy
Kaye Brown
Raelene Kerinauia
Julie Gough

Counting Tidelines exhibition is curated by Amy Jacket and Sarah Pirrie. Featuring Indigenous women artists from Tasmania, Elcho Island, Melville Island and Darwin whose work involves coastal collecting.


12 - 31 August, 2018

In this group exhibition, creative arts PhD and Masters candidates of CDU respond to spectacular failures, making commentary on social or institutional absurdities or honestly delving into the art making process to reveal that anartist’s work will often appear a spectacular failure until it can be truncated through skill and the happy accident into simply spectacular


August, 2016

Waiting for water

Coming soon

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