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Truth-Seekers Awards 2021

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Do you care about whether your beliefs are true or false? Are you curious to learn about phenomena that facilitate or hinder the discovery of truths? Have you ever witnessed the justified beliefs of another person being silenced? Do you value the opportunity to have your voice heard? Would you like to be part of a community of truth-seekers who listen to truthful stories and share truth-telling?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, our team invite you to submit philosophical reflections or creative works about truth and silence in the context of the Truth-Seekers Awards 2021, a component of the Truth and Silence Project:

To see a list of enquiries and works that address—in diverse ways—the topic of Truth and Silence; click on this link:

To participate in the Truth-Seekers Awards 2021, all you need to do is to consider one of your own experiences in relation to the topic of Truth and Silence, articulate a question, and engage with that question from your own standpoint. You may create either a 250-word philosophical text or a creative multimedia work. About ten (10) participants will win a Truth-Seeker Award comprised of a $100.00 AUD voucher along with feedback on your submission. Five (5) $100.00 vouchers will be reserved for Australian secondary school students (Yrs 7-12).

To enter your project among the contenders for the Truth-Seekers Awards, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Inform yourself about philosophy and philosophical education.

  2. Develop a question. What piques your curiosity about Truth and Silence? What do you want to say?

  3. Respond to your question with a text (micro-essay, poem, song, or any other genre of writing) of up to 250 words OR a creative multimedia work (e.g., short video, audio recording, digital drawing, photograph, or any other genres of digital artworks).

  4. Participants may meet with the selection committee to discuss their projects.

  5. All entries must be uploaded online. Two options are available: (a) share your work on Instagram and tag @digital_arts_ntand #truthandsilence; (b) alternatively, please send your entry to digitalartsnt AT

  6. You may document an existing project; but please digitalise projects that exist outside the digital sphere.

  7. Deadline: all entries must be uploaded no later than 11:59 PM ACST, Sunday 5th December 2021.

Notes on Submissions, Eligibility, and Contact

  1. Selected submissions will be featured on the website and a series of future webinars.

  2. Eligibility: individual or group entries are eligible. Teamwork and evidence of collaboration is strongly encouraged. However, a group entry will be classified as a single entry.

  3. Each winner of a Truth-Seeker Award will be contacted via digital message or preferred means of communication, as stated during submission process.

  4. To benefit from the Reserved Awards, students in secondary schools must provide evidence of their status as Australian secondary school students at the time of submission.

  5. Members of the Truth-Seekers Awards Committee: the selection committee will be comprised of at least one academic with a PhD degree, one HDR student, one undergraduate student.

  6. The criteria for the assessment of submissions are attached to the online version of this announcement. Information about the Truth-Seekers Awards will be kept up to date at this location.

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