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The Wallpaper Series: "Digital Connection"

The start of this new decade has already been a roller-coaster of emotions for everyone. Due to the restrictions we have been through, are currently going through, and could possibly have to endure again, I wanted to propose a project that unites and connects everyone in a way that we can all feel some sort of freedom and calmness. To be able to bring joy and happiness to those who are restricted from the outside world. This project involves a series of three different digitally illustrated wallpapers that can be freely downloaded below.

All three designs have a modern vintage feel to them and radiate a sense of energy, but a calmness as well. I feel as if I was able to balance the two well.

The designs all have two main elements that I wanted to keep consistent throughout these pieces, and these elements are fine lines and colour. As the aim of the designs are to bring tranquillity and joy to people, using these two elements will help achieve that comfort. The fine curved lines and harmonious colours have helped communicate that sense of ease. All designs consist of a main fine line figure and then other illustrated objects around it.

I hope you all feel just as ecstatic as I do about these wallpapers! If you do download any please use the hashtag #_thewallpaperseries. Let us share the joy and help sprinkle the calmness back into the world!

The Wallpaper Series - Digital Connectio
Download • 752KB

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