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The Proposal: Speculative public art activations at CDU Casuarina Campus

Creative Studios students from the VET Certificate IV in Visual Arts and first year Bachelor of Creative and Digital Arts responded to public space on the CDU Casuarina Campus. Considering three sites, students created speculative public art proposals according to the following briefs:

  1. Mural for the water tower

  2. Sculptural installation for the CDU Library breezeway

  3. Digital projection for the amphitheatre

Concepts, models and mock-ups were submitted to DANT as virtual possibilities for on-campus life in a year of so much disruption.

DANT picked a stand-out concept for each location. Congratulations to all students for your innovative and creative proposals.


Thuy Truong’s digitally illustrated mural proposal, Enjoy the little things is a colourful and important reminder to take a deep breath.

“The concept for this artwork is 'Enjoy the Little Things'. In people’s everyday life, they are occupied and overwhelmed with working or- that people tend to forget to stop and relax for a few minutes to breathe in and appreciate and enjoy the small things we have.” - Truong

Here is Thuy’s artwork:

Here is the work imagined in-situ:

You can find out more about this work here:


Jason Lee’s Seven Seasons is an installation of digitally printed panels suspended above the CDU Library Breezeway.

“The gulumoerrgin (larrakia) have a deep respect for the natural world. We understand the complex connections within the environment and the links between, plants, animals, water and climate... For the larrakia people - the year is divided into seven seasons (not just wet and dry). Our calendar is circular, not linear. There is no beginning and no end but a constant flow. Each season is associated with distinctive patterns of weather, but also changes in flora, fauna and human activity.” - Lee

Here is Jason’s artwork:

Here is the work imagined in-situ:

You can find out more about this work here:


Nikita Kafetzis’ stunning digital video projection for the amphitheatre reflects his experiences and frustrations with COVID-19.

“The theme I focused my videos on were around quarantine and what the new normal looks and feels like currently in today’s society undergoing the pandemic... reinforc[ing] this idea of ‘isolation’ and how that can be interpreted through different perspectives of surrounding environments.” - Kafetzis

Here is Nikita’s digital video piece:

Here is the work imagined in-situ:

You can find out more about this work here:

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