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Family above everything - DANT Award recipient, Jiwa IGusti

Jiwa IGusti is a photographer/film maker based in Darwin. He is passionate in capturing people’s unique stories through series of portraits and documentary films. His latest work, Family above everything, explores the life and learning of Hadi Wijaya, a musician from Indonesia working in the Northern Territory of Australia. As Jiwa follows Hadi's journey, the film's direction takes a surprising turn from the struggles of making a mark as a musician to the importance of family.


Hadi pursued a once in a lifetime opportunity and learned an unforgettable lesson.

Director Statement:

This film was shot in Darwin Australia and I would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land, the Larrakia people. I pay my respect to past, present and future elders.

This film was also shot at Mindil Beach Sunset Market.

The overarching theme of this film is the fact that our family is the most important thing in our lives. I have always put family as a priority in my life, and I feel that a lot of people do. But what makes this film unique to me is the fact that I got to learn what family truly means in our life. For all my life, I have never really been far apart from my family except my grandparents because they are in Bali. I have always thought that I knew the value of family, but after hearing Hadi’s story, I feel that I could have done better. For example, when I visit my grandparents in Bali, yes, I do spend time with them but looking back now, I could have spent more time with them. Hearing Hadi’s story made me realise to never take my family for granted; this film made me rediscover the real value of family in my life. I hope you, as the audience, can feel the same way and be able to see the importance of family.

Director: Jiwa IGusti

Story by: Hadi Wijaya

SFX: Epidemic sound

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