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Drawing It Out

Updated: Dec 20, 2021


Artist: A Maree

Medium: Performance art, installation art, experimental video

Drawing It Out is an exploration of identity, memory, and time surrounding the complex healing processes often associated with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. The work responds to memories of a past trauma triggered by sensory stimuli through blind self-portrait drawings. Similarly, to the automatic writers and surrealist artists of the early 20th century, Drawing It Out reject’s aestheticism and reflects the reality of the internal manifestations of my mind. However, unlike the pioneers of the surrealist movement who were about the unconscious mind, my memories were never suppressed – rather, my voice was. The drawing ritual focuses on the supportive processes of the creative arts, bringing forth what was once private into the public space.

Drawing It Out reveals an unfiltered truth that is situated between consciousness and abstraction. When participating in blind self-portrait drawing, I am not completely void of sight, as one does not need eyes to see and uncover truths. One can seek truths through haptic perception (to see through touch). Touch is connected to all the senses and has a way of sharing the truth whether are willing to accept its honesty or not. Early in development, I understood my visual perception would have sabotaged authentic efforts in capturing the truth and portrayed something of beauty. Something perhaps the world wanted to see rather than what needed to be seen.

Drawing It out provides an opportunity to educate and empower oneself during a comforted state of mindfulness. Allowing myself to be mindful of how I was situated within the space, in this instance – the drawing space. To feel the texture of the drawing tool and the surface below consciously and effortlessly. Each movement, responding to the tactile and kinaesthetic messages, presented in a consistent feedback loop of absolute truth.

Thank you

Sarah Pirrie and Ian Hance


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